Thornton is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences where he speaks on topics such as:

  • The New Know: Understanding and Managing Big Data & Analytics
  • A Strategy for Innovation
  • Jumping the Curve – Managing the Transition from Now to Next
  • Re-imagining IT Leadership: Surviving Now, Managing Next & Preparing for Later
  • Changing Role of the CIO
  • The State of Mobility
  • Managing Healthcare Futures
  • Managing the Next Generation Work Force
  • The Future of Security & Privacy
  • The Transformed & Transforming Chief Information Security Officer
  • Consumerization of IT
  • Digital Transformation

Each presentation is customized to the client and audience to enhance topic understanding, interest, and action items to use in the participant’s own organization.

Presentation style is energetic, educational and simultaneously humorous.

Content is constantly evolving.  Aggregated information and analysis is based on ongoing and just-in-time research, including one-to-one interviews with senior-level executives, allowing an in-depth understanding of issues and problems, as well as timely case studies.

The interactive approach includes audience participation, group discussions and collaborative problem-solving.

Moderator & Facilitator

Conference presentations and discussions are quickly processed, aggregated and summarized for the audience.

Webcast Presenter

Conducts webcasts on topics of the clients choosing.

Conference Developer

Assists clients in designing workshops, collaborative workspaces and educational conferences.  Event development may include:

•    Theme/content design
•    Agenda creation
•    Speaker acquisition

Human Networker

Assistance in connecting subject matter experts to companies interested in select topics.


Thornton’s book, The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics, analyzes what organizations know, how they come to know and how they act upon what they know/don’t know.


Thornton is a columnist at Computerworld and has served as an Advisor to the Founding Editors of Fast Company Magazine. His insights have appeared in the Harvard Business Review (on IT strategy); The Financial Times (on IT value creation); The Wall Street Journal (on the future of the computer industry); the M.I.T. Sloan Management Review (on the future of marketing), American Demographics (on the evolving demographics of Electronic Commerce), USA Today (on the future of the consumer electronics industry), Business Week (on the future of CEO direct reports) and on National Public Radio (debating the future practice of strategy with Professor Michael Porter).