“Thornton is in the top tier of business technology industry intellectuals. I personally think he is a genius. My definition…smarter than me and most everybody else…. always is out front on ideas and uses completely fresh perspectives on issues and challenges in business…and balances it all with razor-sharp wit. Nobody ever goes away after an encounter with Thornton without being enriched.”

Barbra Cooper, CIO emeritus; Toyota USA

“Thornton May is the real deal. A daring intellectual in a business filled with fakes, Thornton encourages us–no he FORCES us–to sit up, pay attention and think hard about the real issues we face every day.”

Seth Godin, Author of Permission Marketing, and Founder Yoyodyne

“Thornton May is one of the brightest, most knowledgeable, and funniest consultants in the information technology industry. He spots trends well in advance of most of the pundits, and he’s extremely well-connected with a very impressive following.”

Barry Rosenbaum, Managing Director, Blue Note Capital

“Despite the claims of consultants, nobody has answers, but Thornton gives you all of the perspective you can handle. He’s the 360° consultant.”

Robert A. DiStefano, Managing Director of Vanguard’s Information Technology Division; The Vanguard Group

“Thornton May is an intellectual speed merchant. He can think faster than the few people who are smarter than he is, and he’s smarter than the few people who are faster than he is–and that’s a tough combination to top in any field.”

Alan Webber, Founding Editor; Fast Company, Candidate for Governor, State of New Mexico

“Thornton has an instant recognition and respect factor with Computerworld readers – not because he can be funny and outrageous (which he can) but because what he says makes them think about things in a different light. His ideas on IT leadership and his perspective on industry trends have a ring of truth about them, drawn as they are from his own experiences working with senior business and technology executives. He’s also one of the liveliest speakers on the face of the earth, so it’s enormous fun to watch him in action with a room full of startled execs who expected another boring PowerPoint presentation. Around our newsroom, he’s known as the Robin Williams of IT!”

Maryfran Johnson, Editor-in-Chief; CIO Magazine & Events

“Thornton May is a category-defying thinker about all things related to information technology, leadership, and communications. He is a brilliant thinker, marvelous communicator, consultant, and teacher. He single-handedly shepherds insights into the brains of the country’s top CIOs, who collectively owe him an unrepayable debt of gratitude. Playing with him is always one of the most enjoyable parts of my professional life.”

Andrew Zolli, author, Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back, Curator & Executive Director- PopTech